Pregnosis Dip & Read Early Pregnancy Test


Product Description

The Pregnosis In-Stream Early Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate (in lab tests). It can be used any time of the day, and you can even test before your next period is due (7-10 days after conception). The test can detect pregnancy hormone levels as low as 25 IU/L, which is normally reached approximately 7 to 10 days after conception. If the date of conception is not know, you should test on the first day of your missed period for the most reliable results.


Pregnosis Early Pregnancy Test is convenient and easy to use. Simply float the test strip in the collected urine using the foam ring and read the results after 3 minutes.

Warnings & Cautions

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Pregnosis Dip & Read - 2 Tests x 1 $11.05
Pregnosis Dip & Read - 1 Test x 1 $6.95