Poly-Tears Eye Drops




Active Ingredients

Hypromellose 3 mg/mL & Dextran 70 1 mg/mL.

Inactive Ingredients

Polyquaternium-1 0.01mg/ml.

Product Description

Poly-Tears Eye Drops gives soothing relief from the symptoms associated with dry, irritated eyes. Suitable for use with all contact lenses. The formula compliments natural tears to lubricate and relieve irritation, grittiness and burning which may result from an inadequate natural tear film or exposure to wind or sun. Poly-Tears Lubricating Eye Drops has significant benefits over the existing multi-dose brands of artificial tears, principally because it contains the preservative Polyquad, which allows its use with all contact lenses. Polyquad also has a low potential for eye irritation compared to existing ophthalmic preservatives.


Warnings and Cautions

Distributed in NZ by Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Poly-Tears Eye Drops - 15ml x 1 $4.35