Scopoderm TTS Patches


Active Ingredients

Each transdermal theraputic system contains 1.5mg scopolamine and releases in vivo 1.0mg/72 hours.

Product Description

Scopoderm patches are a transdermal therapeutic system for the prevention of motion sickness when traveling. When placed behind the ear a Scopoderm patch releases 1.0mg of scopolamine over 72 hours to prevent motion sickness. Scopoderm patches work for every kind of motion sickness either air, car or sea travel.


Make sure you wash your hands before and after applying patch. Fix the patch behind the ear (on a dry, intact piece of skin) 5-6 hours before traveling or the night before (follow directions on packaging). The patch can be left for 3 days but if traveling is finished before this the patch should be removed.

Warnings and Cautions

Novartis Consumer Health Australisia Pty Ltd, Auckland.
Scopoderm TTS (two patches) x 1 $32.00