Clearasil Ultra Acne Treatment Cream

[prod] [prodimg]/images/products/ultra-clearasil.gif[/prodimg] [/prod] [div class="ingredients"] [div class="prodactive"] [h3]Active Ingredients[/h3] [p]Benzoyl peroxide 5% w/w, bentonite 50mg/g.[/p] [/div] [/div] [div class="prodtext"] [h3]Product Description[/h3] [p]Ultra Clearasil Treatment Cream can give you visibly clearer skin in just 5 days. Ultra Clearasil works by bearking down the dead skin cells to open the pimple, then penetrates deep down into the pore, absorbing excess oil and killing pimple-causing bacteria.[/p] [p]Important: A mild burning or tingling sensation may be felt when using for the first time. Some redness and peeling may occur during the first few days of use. This indicates the Ultra Clearasil Treatment Cream is working.[/p] [/div] [div class="proddosage"] [h3]Directions[/h3] [ul] [li]Wash face thoroughly. For effective results use clearasil face wash daily. [li]Apply Ultra Clearasil to the areas affected by pimples. For the first week apply once daily. Thereafter apply twice daily. [li]Wash hands after use. [/ul] [/div] [div class="prodwarnings"] [h3]Warnings and Cautions[/h3] [ul] [li]For external use only. [li]Keep away from eyes, lips, mouth, and sensitive areas of the neck. [li]Use strictly as directed. [li]Keep out of reach of children. [li]If excessive swelling, irritation, redness, or peeling occurs, discontinue use. If they persist, consult a doctor. [li]Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light. [li]Avoid use at high altitudes and snow covered ground. [li]Fabrics may be bleached by this product. [/ul] [/div]
TM "Clearasil" regd Boot Healthcare, New Zealand.
Clearasil Ultra Acne Treatment Cream - 20g tube x 1 $13.00
Clearasil Ultra Acne Treatment Cream - 20g tube x 2 $26.00