Silberhorn Puff Pluss - Natural Respiratory Support

Active IngredientsContains the following herbs: Elecampane, Fenugreek, Marshmallow, Garlic and Horsetail

Product Description

Silberhorn Puff Pluss has been formulated to support respiratory health and help maintain clear airways. It contains herbs that have been used for supporting respiratory wellness for centuries. Formulated under a Naturopath's guidance, Silberhorn are confident that Puff Pluss will support a healthy respiratory tract and normal breathing.

Silberhorn Puff Pluss contains the following herbs.

For best results, take Silberhorn Puff Pluss capsules along with 6 glasses of water per day and reduce dairy products, which create mucus. This will help to support respiratory health and aid in the elimination of mucus.

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