Otrivin Saline Nasal Drops for Baby


Active Ingredients

Sodium Chloride 7.4mg/mL.

Product Description

Otrivin Saline Baby gently and hygienically relieves baby's blocked nose, caused by colds, flu, sinusitis or allergies. It can also be used to gently relieve baby's dry or irritated nasal passages due to low humidity (i.e heated/air conditioned rooms) or minor nasal irritations.

The saline solution in the single use vials gently dilutes thickened nasal mucus in baby's delicate nose. Used with the bulb aspirator (provided), the thinned mucus can then be removed, clearing baby's nasal passages. The single use vials can also help to moisturise baby's dry or crusted nasal passages

Otrivin Saline Baby is suitable for use for infants and toddlers and the single use saline vials can also be used by children and adults.

Directions For Use

Using the saline solution:

Using the nasal applicator:

Warnings and Cautions

Novartis Consumer Health Australasia, Auckland, New Zealand.

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