Carederm Nasal Strips


Product Description

Carederm disposable Nasal Strips provide drug free relief from nasal congestion by gently opening nasal passages to improve nasal breathing. Carederm Nasal Strips relieve nasal congestions due to sinus colds and allergies and may reduce or eliminate snoring. They can also improve breathing during exercise.

Directions For Use

Carederm Nasal Strips are available in Small/Medium or Large. Small/Medium is suitable for the majority of adults and adolescents with an average to smaller then average nose. Large is suitable for adults with larger noses.

Carederm Nasal Strips are available unscented or with a soothing lavender scent. Lavender helps to relax your body and quiet your mind while calming the spirit.

Warnings and Cautions

Adwin Korea Corp.

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