Blis K12 Throat Guard Pro


Active Ingredients

Streptococcus salivarius K12 (2.5 billion cfu/dose)

Inactive Ingredients

Isomalt, tabletting aids, natural flavour.

Product Description

Blis K12 is a scientifically developed oral probiotic that helps support your natural immune defences by inhibiting and crowding out bad, illness-causing bacteria at the gateway to your body - the mouth and throat. Taken daily, Blis ThroatGuard Pro with K12 means no entry for bad bugs.


For best results, slowly dissolve one lozenge on the tongue 1-2 times a day, ideally after brushing teeth. Use Blis K12 Daily Defence as a precautionary health measure to help prevent common throat conditions associated with the winter season. In times of high need take a maximum of four lozenges per day.

Warnings & Cautions

Blis Technologies Limited, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Blis K12 Throat Guard Pro - 30 Vanilla lozenges x 1 $21.73