Le Tan SPF50+ Active Kids Sunscreen Lotion

Product Description

Le Tan SPF50+ Active Kids Sunscreen Lotion is a dry touch, non-greasy sunscreen with added aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe and moisturise. This very high protection sunscreen is low-irritant, contains naturally derived ice-cream fragrance and is suitable for sensitive skin. Paraben and Oxybenzone free. 4 hours water resistant. Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Directions For Use

Apply lotion liberally to clean and dry skin at least 20 minutes before sun exposure, spread evenly and rub in. Re-apply every 1-2 hours or more often when sweating, and after swimming, exercising or towel drying.

Warnings & Cautions

Heritage Brands (Australia) Pty Ltd.

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